Shareholder Analysis / Perception Studies

  • Do you truly understand your shareholders and their reasons for investing in your shares?
  • Most companies know their customers, but you should also know your investors.
  • How is your management perceived by the market?

Shareholder analysis

Knowing your shareholders is of the utmost importance.

Tolxdorff Eicher can analyze your contacts and help you find the right investors. We usually do this in conjunction with an investment bank or brokerage firm.

Perception studies

On your behalf, Tolxdorff Eicher will interview analysts, investors and journalists about the way they perceive your company, your management team and your investment case. Very often, the way individuals see themselves is not the way they are perceived by others.

Our perception studies will shed light on your situation. We will analyze the information we receive from the interviewed parties and provide you with feasible recommendations.

  • Perception and reality.