Investors & Media / Investor Relations Officer

  • The capital market has its own rules.

Investors & Media

Our partners have been active in the capital markets and the communications community for many years. Over their long careers as investment bankers and partners in their own investor relations firm, they have built up an extensive network of relationships. These include a large number of institutional investors, research analysts and media professionals worldwide.

Such contacts, coupled with our understanding of how participants in these sectors think and operate, are key ingredients in the quality of service that we offer our clients.

Investor Relations Officer

For some companies the employment of a full-time Investor Relations Officer might not be a viable solution.

In these cases, one of the partners at Tolxdorff Eicher can serve as Investor Relations Officer on your behalf. This enables the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer to concentrate on the main issues and relieves them from day-to-day investor relations activities.

Management can rest assured that all IR tasks will be handled by a top professional.