Communication Tools

  • Crystal clear messages.

Annual report

Don’t report figures only! The annual report is a once-a-year opportunity to tell the public who you are. It gives you a unique chance to deliver an extensive update on your corporation, your strategy and your products and services.

Tolxdorff Eicher can bring a breath of fresh air into your annual reporting. We create a new concept, suggest new themes and approaches, support you in the drafting of individual texts or even manage the entire project for you.

Interim reports

Interim reports, such as semiannual or quarterly reports, usually focus on facts and figures. You can show your investors and the media that you take them seriously by providing precise and transparent reporting.

Tolxdorff Eicher will challenge you from time to time to publish additional information that we regard as invaluable to your investor base. We will help you formulate a consistent reporting message that will highlight the value of your company.

Press releases / Ad-hoc publications

Words stick! What has been said cannot be unsaid and words affect stock prices immediately.

The investment and news communities are already overloaded with information. They want to hear the essential message. Cliché PR slogans are out of place.

Tolxdorff Eicher will analyze your situation from the outside and advises and supports you in using the right words. We will help you coordinate the timing of your announcements and their positioning in the news flow. Messages formulated by us will be crystal-clear and of value to the recipients.

Presentations / Conference calls

Each corporate presentation – and each speaker – must offer something special.

Tolxdorff Eicher knows the information needs of your audience and what they will consider as “useless extras”. We will spice up your investment presentation and make it exciting, while ensuring that it remains firmly grounded in the facts.

We coach and prepare you through rehearsals and extensive Q&A sessions in order to make your presentation successful.

Investor days / Investor meetings

No technology can replace the importance of meeting investors face to face. This can be arranged through specifically organized “investor days” or by meetings with individual investors. Meetings with company management are often a key factor in the investment decisions of large investors.

Tolxdorff Eicher assists you prior to these meetings by making sure your key messages will be understood. We also support you in the logistics and organization of the meetings. Depending on the circumstances, we can also collect feedback from your audience to help you in the preparation of future events.

There are many other Investor Relations issues that you can entrust to the experience of Tolxdorff Eicher.