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  • Investor Relations add value.

Tolxdorff Eicher was initially founded under the name Tolxdorff & Eicher Consulting in 2000. The company is headed by Theresia Tolxdorff and Daniel Eicher, two very experienced capital market experts and communication professionals.

The capital markets are a challenging world. Our highly experienced partners work very closely with our clients in order to provide credible information and messages that enhance equity value and brand recognition. Meeting strong client demand, our business has grown rapidly and we serve a large number of quoted and several unquoted companies, ranging across all industry sectors.

At Tolxdorff Eicher, the senior partners are your personal advisors at all times.

This reflects our strong view that top management and board members deserve the guidance and advice of top consultants. Our partners offer the benefit of their long standing experience and thorough knowledge of the financial markets and media.

Tolxdorff Eicher is located in Horgen near Zurich / Switzerland.